Ocean Rodeo Session 2

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Construction:One of the toughest sewn products based on the Ice Hockey Skate. Ocean Rodeo combined both stiff and soft fabrics to make a truly bomber proof product that was comfortable even when under high loading. 

Sewing: Double buck stitch sewing all around. 

Fabrics: Heavy-duty ballistic nylons, seamless internal webbing power band that supports the hook attachment... everything is double sewn, reinforced and then attached to the internal power band. Rock solid! 

Comfort:Molded thermo foam padding against your body for maximum comfort.  

Lock and Load Leg Holsters:

The leg strap hinge point at the hip instead of the lower bum allowing the rider a huge range in leg motion.Unlike traditional harness leg straps that hinder your freedom, there is no leg restriction thanks to the side loading, lock and load leg straps.

Ocean Rodeo's unique leg strap attachment, (through a "port" located on the top edge of the harness) allows the rider a giant range in harness adjustment height, another first from Ocean Rodeo. Simply thread the clip through the port and clock in.

Because of the "up high" leg strap, you have a huge range of adjustment on the harness height.

Ride seat style (low) or waist harness height (mid), without the chance of the harness riding up.

The leg straps can also be worn over dry suits and wetsuits without the internal shorts.

Leg straps are completely removable so harness can also be worn just a waist harness.

Leash Quick Release:

Letting go of your kite with a leash connected to the back of your harness can be a sketchy move in some conditions.

If things go wrong you now have the final option of releasing your leash from the back of the harness.

Simply pull the red eject handle next to the harness hook and you'll be free.  

Buckle Covers Ocean Rodeo have made every attempt to cover all buckles and potential line tangle points with the buckle covers.  

Hook Knife Hook knife located on back top edge of harness. Cut your way out of a mess  

Velcro Wrap Entry Sturdy elastic cummerbund with front Velcro closure.  

Spreader Bar Pad.The spreader bar is sandwiched onto a control pad with Velcro, allowing you to easily change hooks.

This pad also helps to spread the hook's load.




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